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TEACH - creating independently responsible learners

As you read or listen to this book, be searching for the nuggets you can attain like you are mining for gold. Where can you see something for yourself as a student or as a parent? This book was designed and written from the independently responsible learner mindset. You will discover for yourself what that means throughout this book and you will discover this more than once. Use your discoveries to best serve your family and students in your homeschooling adventures. You will discover something in each chapter that will give you a new view of educating young people. You will want to discover for yourself what works best for your students as they begin their own unique journey into the world of the independently responsible learner.

  • Last updated Jan 15, 2024
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What you'll learn

What we, as parents and teachers, need to focus on is discovering. Teach shows you how to help your students become independently responsible learners. Once our students know how they can be independently responsible in how they learn, the whole world is available to them. Literally. They become self-directed. They become inspired. They discover what is most important to them!

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Preface and Acknowledgments text and audio

Chapter 1 - An Accidental Discovery text and audio

​​Chapter 2 - The Independently Responsible Learner text and audio

Chapter 3 - The Student is The Teacher

Chapter 4 - Checking Your Own Work text and audio

Chapter 5 - Present Yourself text and audio

Chapter 6 - Testing, Testing, 1-2-3 text and audio

Chapter 7 - Learning How To Think text and audio

Chapter 8 - Do What You Love To Do text and audio

Chapter 9 - Mastermind text and audio

Chapter 10 - The Parent Is The Coach text and audio

Bonus Chapter - Goal Setting text and audio


Be ready to discover!

TEACH - creating independently responsible learners
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