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Wealth with Purpose

The Wealth with Purpose program is designed based on the 9-Step Roadmap to Complete Financial Choice® and Philanthropy. In this program you will discover everything your parents and teachers would have shared with you about wealth - if they knew this information.
  • Last updated Jul 09, 2024
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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discover YOUR money purpose.
  • Create new empowering money beliefs.
  • Set value based financial goals.
  • Develop the habits and routines that will support you for the rest of your life.
  • Learn new time tested and proven money skills.
  • Treat yourself like you matter while you create wealth.
  • Form your own team to support your growth and prosperity.
  • Begin to invest in the areas that fit who you are.
  • Be able to donate to the causes that touch your heart.
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Are you ready to create Wealth with Purpose? Get started by watching the course introduction video.

Discovering what touches your heart will provide your Purpose for creating wealth, and will keep you going even when the going gets tough. This module will help you do that.

Your beliefs are what determine your actions. Your actions produce an outcome.

If we don’t know where we are going, we will definitely won’t get there. If we don’t know what is truly important to us, we won’t know what goals to set for ourselves, and will continue “failing” in life.

Even when you are clear about what you want, what is important to you and have set goals for yourself based on your values, it is very difficult to see and experience satisfying results if you don’t have your infrastructure in place.

There are many aspects of wealth creation - making money (income), budgeting (spending plan), savings, borrowing wisely and investing.

There is a 5000 year old secret that says you deserve to ​keep some of the money you earn, before you take care of anything else.

Wealthy people don’t work alone, they share the load. We all have our own unique gifts and talents and are here to contribute to each other’s well being and be a part of each other’s success.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of saving and putting our money into a bank account. Most saving accounts offer us very low returns, less than 1%.

Giving to your cause is key to the purpose of your journey of wealth building. When you are able to live comfortably (not wastefully), and start giving to causes that touch your heart, it is very satisfying.



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Wealth with Purpose
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