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Living a life without limits is more than BEING ABLE to accomplish anything that you set your mind to, it is ACTUALLY DOING those things. That includes generating Income Without Limits as well. While there are many ways to make money in this world, The Great Discovery offers the option of participating in its Independent Affiliate and Coaching Programs as a means of making that a reality.

Would You Be Open to
Ongoing Residual Income?

With The Great Discovery, when you help others find good things in life, even more good things can come to you. Not just in an inspirational way, but in measurable economic and financial ways as well.

Imagine a life where you are happy and doing well, and you see other people all around you in the same state…knowing that you had a big role in bringing that about for them. A life where you can look at your bank balance and bills with excitement as to what’s coming, instead of anxiety over what’s leaving. A life where you can go where you want, do what you want and enjoy good things with others that can afford to do those things with you

Becoming a Independent Affiliate with TGD can help you do just that. It costs just USD $29.96 per year, which gives you all the tools to make your income dreams a reality. This small cost is even waived entirely when you select one of our Affiliate Enrollment Packs that include the TGD Course.

Earning as an
Independent Affiliate

With our powerful Affiliate Pay Plan, you can earn ongoing compensation whenever anyone that you refer purchases a course, coaching or other applicable products and services. Not only that, but you can also get paid on the purchases of EVERYONE in your network, no matter how big it grows, whether they were referred by you or someone else. Even in other countries. Affiliate compensation includes:

  • Earn 10% Direct Sales Commission
  • Earn Up to 18% CV of Dual Team Bonuses - Up to USD $100,000 Weekly
  • Earn Up to 10% Matching Bonuses Through 3 Levels – Up to USD $300,000 Weekly
  • Earn Shares of Global Sales with the Rank Bonus Pool
  • Expand Your Position To Earn Even More at the Platinum Rank

Imagine getting residual based compensation like this - paid to you every week and every month - on the ongoing sales and purchases of countless people all over the world, most of whom you don’t even know. That’s called passive residual income…and it can be pretty nice once it starts coming in.

With The Great Discovery, you can start making money your very first day, and potentially keep a residual income stream going for years to come! Would that improve your life any? Would you feel even better?

Earning as a Coach.

Once you have successfully completed the TGD Course, you may choose to enroll in Discovery Coach Training. Those that become certified Discovery Coaches or higher with TGD can earn lucrative coaching compensation by providing Coaching Sessions for others. Once qualified, coaching compensation includes:

  • Earn Compensation for Every Coaching Session that You Host
  • Earn Up to 18% CV of Dual Team Bonuses - Up to USD $100,000 Weekly
  • Earn a Share of Global Coaching Fees as a Mentor Coach
  • Earn Shares in the Global Champions Pool as a Champion Coach

Becoming a Coach may not be for everyone, but if you have mastered the Great Discovery Course, have a heart for helping people, and the aptitude to teach others, it may be for you. All coaching is scheduled for you during the available time slots that you choose. You can work from home, and all coaching compensation is IN ADDITION to what you earn as an Affiliate.

Compensation Plan

Compensation Cheat Sheet

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