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Get unlimited access to exclusive courses, amazing discounts, and unlock your earning potential as an affiliate!

Expand your knowledge, skills, and possiblities:

Get unlimited access to our exclusive library of Genius Club courses covering everything from banishing imposter syndrome, mastering ChatGPT to learning Italian and more!

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Enjoy 10% off all Premium and Academy courses, plus VIP access and discounts on exciting events.

Get paid as you learn:

Get your Genius Club membership FREE each month that any 3 people you have personally enrolled have a paid Genius Club subscription of their own within the previous 30 days. Even better, you can get PAID commissions and bonuses on their sales and others that come through them!

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Feed your inner creative Genius with the monthly TGD Genius Club

What you get:

  • Unlimited Access to All Genius Club Courses
  • 10% Club Savings on All Premium and Academy Courses
  • Discounts and VIP access to TGD events
  • Keeps you automatically "Active" and eligible to earn Affiliate commissions and bonuses
  • Special offers, rewards and much more
  • Try it FREE for 14 Days
  • Keep it FREE when 3 people you directly enroll pay for their Genius Club each month

Ready to Level Up? Explore Genius Club Courses

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Kevin T. Robertson Speaker Training

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Love the perks of Genius Club? Share the benefits with others and get your own membership absolutely free! Here's how it works:

 Refer 3 Others:
Refer 3 Others:

Get more out of The Great Discovery by becoming an affiliate. Share courses with others and earn commissions and bonuses for every course or subscription they purchase.

Maintain Your Network
Maintain Your Network:

To keep your membership free, ensure you always have 3 active, paying Genius Club members referred by you.

Grow Your Benefits
Grow Your Benefits:

No reason to stop at 3. The more people you refer, the more commissions and bonuses you can earn through our affiliate program while still getting your own Genius Club membership for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming an Affiliate is optional. There are 3 ways to become an Affiliate:
  1. Purchase an "at cost" Affiliate account for $29.95 per year and accept the terms of the Independent Affiliate Agreement. This fee is non-commissionable and may be waived with the purchase of an Affiliate Enrollment Pack, paid course, or Genius Club Membership.
  2. Upgrade your Learner account. You may choose to become an Affiliate when you purchase any paid course, membership or pack as a Learner.
  3. Become a Course Creator: Electing to become a Course Creator with any eligible Course Creator Pack will automatically make you an Affiliate too at no extra cost."

Joining the Affiliate program is optional. You can join by purchasing an "at cost" affiliate account at an annual cost of $29.95. However, if you purchase any paid course, membership, or enrollment pack at the time you elect to become an Affiliate, the Affiliate fee is waived for the first year.

No, you can become an independent affiliate without purchasing an Affiliate Pack. The Packs offer additional resources to help make the most out of your affiliate marketing, but they're not required to be an affiliate.

No. You can get started by simply sharing course links from your replicated website with friends or others that would be interested in learning, earning or teaching. You earn commissions and bonuses on any courses, memberships or packs that they purchase. Plus you'll be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses for purchases by others that are directly and indirectly enrolled through them, even if your network spreads around the world.

There are different compensation methods for Affiliates and Course Creators

  1. As an Affiliate, you are eligible to earn compensation on purchases by everyone in your Successline, regardless of what course, membership or pack that they purchase. This includes people that were directly enrolled by you or someone else in your Successline below you, even in other countries. The Affiliate compensation system is a hybrid Compensation Plan that can pay you in multiple ways including direct sales commission, dual team (binary cycle) bonuses, matching team bonuses, pool bonuses and more. For more detailed information, see the Affiliate Compensation Plan documentation in the Affiliates section of the website.
  2. As a Course Creator, you also get paid on the sale of your courses anywhere in the world, no matter what Affiliate sells them. For your Premium Courses, you will generally be paid 30% of the actual price paid for your course. For your Academy Courses, you will generally be paid 70% of the actual price paid for your course. This is in addition to any Affiliate compensation that you earn on the same sale. For more detailed information, see the Course Creator Compensation Plan documentation in the Creators section of the website.

Affiliates can receive payments worldwide and in almost every currency, including bitcoin. Compensation is paid weekly or monthly. Weekly payments are made each Monday, one week in arrears. Monthly payments are made the 15th day following the close of each monthly period. Commissions are deposited into your Affiliate Back Office, where they can be transferred to your bank account, used for additional purchases including recurring orders, or transferred to other Affiiliates within the network.

Here is the breakdown for frequency of payments:

  • Direct Sales Commissions - Paid weekly
  • Dual Team Bonuses - Paid weekly
  • Content Provider Commissions - Paid weekly
  • Matching team bonuses - Paid monthly
  • Rand Advancement Pool Bonuses - Paid monthly
  • Coaching Cash - Paid monthly

There is no minimum payment threshold.

In the Affiliate Back Office you can find flyers, pop up banners, and business cards. You can also use any marketing material from the website. Coming soon, we're launching TGD Builder, a program designed specifically to give you easy-to-use tools for streamlined promotion of our platform.

You're free to promote through social media, email, text, coupon sites, and with paid ads. However, all affiliates must adhere to The Great Discovery Use and Terms and Conditions. No promoting offsite content on The Great Discovery outside of Academy courses.

You can reach out to your sponsor to help answer any questions. You can also use the "Chat" button in the lower right corner of the site, email, or call 1-800-335-6234.
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