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Abundance is a Necessity, NOT a Luxury

Get ready to go from a mindset to one of abundance in just around five minutes!
  • Last updated Mar 09, 2024
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What you'll learn

Having abundance is the ONLY way to be a blessing to others!  Discover how you may have been accidentally thinking and saying words of lack in your everyday language that may be keeping you from experiencing the abundance you were meant to have!  

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Mathew Thomas is the Founder & President of ProStar Business Development— celebrating more than a decade in business.


His Fortune 250 background and leadership skills are combined with 25+ years of Sales & Marketing experience as an Executive Coach to C-Level Executives and Leadership Trainer to Corporate Teams.


His passion for the business world was inspired by his family for generations in numerous industries from hospitality, fishing, edibles, roofing, farming, carpentry, import/export, automotive, to gas stations, and much more in India.


His family were immigrants who arrived in Brooklyn, NY with less than $10 in their pockets and not knowing the English language. His father was offered to move from Brooklyn to Houston, TX due to a job offer. He then was laid off in just six months.


He made an oath to himself that he would never work for anyone ever again. After 40 years in business, his parents are now retired. 


As Mathew experienced a culture of entrepreneurial spirit in his family, Mathew rose through the ranks in the automotive industry as a high performer in sales. 


After he earned an MBA in International Business, he traveled all over the North American continent to train and consult underperforming companies to be transformed into top performers. 


During the 2008 recession, every consultant at his company was laid off except for Mathew, regardless of him possessing the least experience in the field compared to his peers. After he decided to leave his corporate employment, he founded his current company, ProStar Business Development in 2012. 


He resides in the Dallas area with his wife of 15+ years who is a medical doctor and professor at the University of Texas, and his three children training up to become future leaders!


He is also the Founder of Kingdom Business Mentors - where Christians with an entrepreneurial spirit can come together to walk away with resources and solutions given by industry experts to scale their businesses immediately. 


He is also a Fund Manager in the real estate industry and serves on several boards in various industries as well as local boards, as he believes in changing the world starting from home, then the community, then beyond.


With a wealth of experience in his arsenal, he eagerly embraces the opportunity to cultivate and shape the leaders of tomorrow, aspiring to leave an indelible mark on the world's landscape.

Abundance is a Necessity, NOT a Luxury
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