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Awesome Virtual Events Made Easy

Grow your audience effortlessly through virtual summits, leveraging other speakers' networks for mutual benefit. Learn to host engaging, profitable events with minimal time and cost, even without technical skills or connections. The Fun Virtual Event Guy will guide you every step of the way!
  • Last updated Mar 15, 2024
  • English (United States)

What you'll learn

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to run an Awesome Virtual Interactive Event from start to finish.

The first thing you will learn is how easy it actually is to run an event.

The Fun Virtual Event Guy will take you through how to...

  • Get clear on event goals
  • Brand, name, and structure your evetn
  • Recruit speakers (even if you don't know anyone)
  • Promote the event (even if you have no audience)
  • Run the event (even if you've never run an event)
  • Make the most of the leads you generate

This course will teach you all the tools you need and where to get them.

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A desire to serve your audience and partners.

A business that would benefit from hundreds of warms leads.

A willingness to be on Zoom in front of people.

For best results, you have to actually do what we teach and run an event, not just learn about it.


Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows A Guy. The author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, Michael has run over 30 virtual summits and connected thousands of people through events, coaching, and direct connections.

He started his networking career by walking into a networking event in a new town with no job and no business, and going on to connect movers and shakers in town in months. Today, he hosts some of the most powerful networking events in online business. When he coaches his clients, the absolute first and most critical element is getting clear on goals.

Awesome Virtual Events Made Easy
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