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The Essay Apprentice Writing System: Building the Foundation of Masterful Writing

Master writing basics with a fun, step-by-step program! Build confidence and learn essential skills from sentence construction to crafting paragraphs and essays. Perfect for anyone aiming to write clear, structured essays with ease.
  • Last updated Apr 11, 2024
  • English (United States)

What you'll learn

The Essay Apprentice Writing System: Building the Foundation of Masterful Writing offers a comprehensive, step-by-step program designed to transform students into confident, capable writers. By navigating through the foundational elements of writing to the polished completion of a basic essay, this course demystifies the writing process for students at all levels, from initial ideas to a polished final product.

Course Highlights:

  • Creative and engaging exercises to rediscover the joy of writing and enhance self-expression.
  • Comprehensive coverage from basic sentence construction to a complete 3-5 paragraph essay.
  • Rich resources, including templates, tips, and practical exercises for ongoing learning.
  • Collaborative group projects to foster teamwork and apply learned concepts (if applicable)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confident Writing: Overcome writing anxiety and express ideas with confidence and creativity.
  • Strong Sentence Structure: Master constructing clear, concise, and varied sentences.
  • Cohesive Paragraphs: Learn to organize thoughts into structured paragraphs for coherent essays.
  • Essay Crafting Skills: Gain familiarity with essay terminology and the ability to construct compelling essays.
  • Introduction to More Writing Techniques: Enhance essays with resources on precise word choice, vivid verbs, and effective transitions.
  • Critical Writing Tools: Utilize resources like essay templates and tips for precise word choice to polish writing further.

Who the Program is For:

  • Students at any level seeking to improve their academic writing skills and refine their writing for clarity and impact.
  • Struggling writers or English Language Learners aiming for greater proficiency in written English.
  • Anyone interested in mastering the art of writing from the ground up.

Course Features:

  • Interactive Lessons and Videos: Engaging content that makes learning dynamic and accessible.
  • Comprehensive Writing Resources: Access to a wealth of materials for deepened learning and application.
  • Flexible Learning Schedule: Learn at your own pace, with content available online anytime.

Course Outline:

Part One: Building Confidence begins the journey by addressing common concerns around writing. Through engaging, creative exercises, students rediscover the joy of writing, encouraged to express their unique voice and style.

Part Two: Sentence Construction/Grammar Activities solidifies the basics, guiding students through sentence structure and variety. This foundational knowledge is crucial for crafting clear, concise sentences.

Part Three: Paragraph Construction Activities transitions students from sentences to paragraphs, emphasizing structure and coherence. This segment empowers students to organize their thoughts and convey ideas effectively.

Part Four: Learning the Basics introduces essential essay terminology and structure, preparing students for more advanced writing tasks. Understanding the "skeleton" of an essay sets the stage for crafting compelling narratives and arguments.

Part Five: Group Essay Unit leverages collaborative learning to reinforce essay writing skills. Students work together to apply what they've learned, constructing simple, formal essays in a supportive group environment. *For those who are completing their journey on their own, this section can also be completed individually.

Part Six: Polish adds the final touches, refining essays through more advanced techniques like effective transitions, precise word choice, and vivid detailing. This phase ensures students' essays are impactful and well-structured.

Additional Resources like using a dictionary and thesaurus, reading essay prompts, and essay templates, enrich learning, offering tools and strategies to enhance writing further. Special emphasis on showing rather than telling, precise word choice, and the power of vivid verbs equip students with the skills to write dynamically and engagingly.

The Essay Apprentice Writing System: Building the Foundation of Masterful Writing is more than a course—it's a journey to writing excellence. Whether starting from a place of hesitation or looking to refine existing skills, students emerge from this program equipped to tackle any writing challenge with confidence and creativity.

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Section Two introduces the basic structure of sentences, sentence types, and basic grammatical techniques for varying sentence structure. The lessons in Section Two: Sentence Structure are designed to help you learn or review the basic parts of a sentence and sentence construction, using grammatical elements to improve your writing.

Now that you have more confidence in the basics of writing and have been introduced to the parts of an essay, it is time to take what you've learned to construct a basic essay. In Part Five, these lessons aim to get you to the next level of writing—the simple, formal, five-paragraph essay- by working and learning the process collaboratively or on your own, depending on how you are learning this system.

The process of polishing is like putting the icing on the cake. You have been provided with numerous resources that will help you repair and improve your essays through the use of bridges (transitions), improved word choice, more active verbs, more powerful details and examples, and more. Once you have completed the process of polishing your essay, you will have a well-written, well-structured final product that you can be proud of!


Students should have a basic or better understanding of the English language. All videos, handouts, and activities are in Standard American English.

Google Drive is needed to access digital materials.


Founder and President of educational publishing and training company Simply Novel, Kristen is a former high school English teacher with a Master's Degree in Education. Since 2005, Kristen has been committed to offering quality educational materials, coaching, and support to educational professionals to help them thrive in their classroom and extended educational communities.

She is also the COO of Life Design Education, a certified transformational trainer, and the author of Because I Say So: Live Your Life With Clarity and Courage, available here on The Great Discovery, and also on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible.

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The Essay Apprentice Writing System: Building the Foundation of Masterful Writing
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