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Leader Mindset Activation eBook & Workbook by Angilie Kapoor Bundle

Transform from merely managing the things in your life to being a true, visionary leader with "Leader Mindset Activation" by Angilie Kapoor. Learn powerful tools and strategies to unleash your potential AND receive 3 exclusive bonuses.
  • Last updated Apr 21, 2024
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What you'll learn

Activate Your Mindset to Transform from merely Managing in Your Professional & Personal Life to Being a True, Visionary Leader

Are you tired of feeling like you're just going through the motions, or worse, feeling like a total failure? Do you have this nagging sense that you're meant for so much more? If so, then this book is exactly what you need.

Introducing "Leader Mindset Activation: Activate Your Mindset to Transform from a Manager to a Visionary Leader" - a groundbreaking book by Angilie Kapoor, a professional conscious leadership coach with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, several of those years as a manager and leader. This book is a game-changer for any manager - in the workplace, of your family, etc - who wants to become a true visionary leader and unleash their full potential.

Readers will learn:

**The Leader Mindset Activation Framework: This powerful tool is the key to aligning with your true purpose and unleashing your inner leader which we all possess. It will help you find clarity, confidence, and a sense of direction in both your career and life.

**How to Bust Through Traditional Leadership Concepts: Forget about the latest fads, traditional management methods and the old styles of leading. This book shows you how to find your own unique path to becoming a transformative leader who inspires and empowers others in the workplace, in business and in life.

**Transformational Tools and Strategies: From developing self-awareness to learning how to effectively harness the power of your mind on a consistent basis, this book provides you with the tools and strategies you need to spark rapid growth in your management roles in professional and personal life.

Escape the feelings of unease and doubt about your performance and start thriving as a manager and leader in the workplace, in business and in life today!

With "Leader Mindset Activation," the ebook version which you'll receive in this bundle, you'll gain the insights, strategies, and tools you need to embark on the most transformative journey of your life. Are you ready to embrace your inner phenomenal leader and fulfill your greatest potential?

This bundle also includes the Illustrated Leader Mindset Activation Digital Workbook. You get exclusive access to the step-by-step workbook to follow along as if Angilie were directly guiding you from start to finish through the 3-phases of the ‘Leader Mindset Activation’ methodology. This workbook is filled with ready-made sheets of the book exercises plus several bonuses exercises to accelerate your transformation even further.

If you are truly serious about shifting your mindset to harness its power to your advantage instead of continuing to let your mind work against you, The Illustrated Leader Mindset Activation Workbook is the perfect way to do just that! 

Plus You're Also Getting These 3 Exclusive Bonuses For FREE!

Bonus #1 
Breaking the Chains: Tackling the Beliefs that are Keeping You Stuck

This must-have video mini-training and guide will help you break free from the five most common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential and equip you with the three actionable steps you can take right away to overcome them.

Bonus #2
The Energy of Gratitude

This three-video collection will guide you towards cultivating a powerful habit of gratitude. From learning how gratitude can impact your physical health and relationships to discovering the mindset shifts required for a grateful outlook, these videos offer practical tips, insights, and inspiration to help you live a life of abundance, joy, and purpose.

Bonus #3 
How to Overcome The 7 Common Behaviors Holding You Back from Your Ultimate Success! 

This informative video mini-training and guide provides a brief but impactful deep dive into overcoming seven commonly seen behaviors holding aspiring leaders back and three actionable steps you can take right away to start to correct them.

The ground-breaking methodology found in this book, the accompanying workbook filled with ready-made sheets of the book exercises plus several bonuses exercises and the three bonus trainings are the most reliable tools you can use to elevate yourself and your overall performance. 

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This special ebook and workbook bundle of the ground-breaking book, "Leader Mindset Activation" by Angilie Kapoor, comes with no prerequisites other than your genuine enthusiasm and commitment to personal growth! All you need is an open mind, a willingness to explore new ideas, and a readiness to embark on an empowering journey toward self-discovery.


Angilie Kapoor, a highly acclaimed leader with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, is dedicated to helping workplace, business, and life Aspiring Leaders increase their confidence & effectiveness & amplify their impact. Through her extensive background in management, leadership and entrepreneurship, she offers invaluable knowledge and insights gained from her own journey.

Angilie is not just a healthcare and business leader, but also a multi-book author. Her latest masterpiece, "Leader Mindset Activation” is a must-read for aspiring leaders who want to harness the power of their mind to unlock their full leader potential.

She is also the host of not one but two television shows, “Unveil Your Brilliance with Angilie Kapoor” on the Win Win Women network and of "Take The Lead: A Consciousness Movement with Angilie Kapoor” on the Trajectory TV channel on the e360tv network.

In addition to her achievements as a leader and author, Angilie is an avid world traveler who lives her life to the fullest. Her passion for exploration is palpable, and she believes that traveling is one of the best ways to broaden one's perspective and enhance their leadership skills.

As the founder of Oversight Global, Angilie has dedicated her life to addressing the consciousness crisis in the world, one leader at a time.

Leader Mindset Activation eBook & Workbook by Angilie Kapoor Bundle
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