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  • The Bitcoin Blueprint: Introduction To Bitcoin & Blockchain

The Bitcoin Blueprint: Introduction To Bitcoin & Blockchain

We explore Bitcoin and Blockchain fundamentals in "The Bitcoin Blueprint." Diving into its history, use cases, mining, and its market impact over six detailed sessions. Transform from novice to knowledgeable by being "Bitcoin and Crypto Savvy"!
  • Last updated May 14, 2024
  • English (United States)

What you'll learn

Unlock the Potential of Bitcoin

  • Grasp the Origin Story: Uncover the fascinating beginnings of Bitcoin and the philosophy behind its creation.
  • Deciphering Blockchain: Understand the revolutionary technology that ensures Bitcoin's security and autonomy.
  • Bitcoin Economics: Explore the intricate economy of Bitcoin, including supply, demand, and market influences.
  • Mining Demystified: Learn the mechanics of how new Bitcoins are created and transactions are confirmed.
  • Secure Transactions: Delve into the cryptographic foundations that make Bitcoin transactions secure and verifiable.
  • The Bitcoin Wallet: Master the use of digital wallets, key management, and maintaining your Bitcoin securely.
  • Market Analysis: Gain insights into analyzing cryptocurrency markets and making informed investment decisions.
  • Legal Landscape: Navigate the complex regulatory environment surrounding Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Practical Applications & Hands-on Experience

  • Dabble in Mining: Get firsthand experience with Bitcoin mining simulations.
  • Smart Security: Participate in workshops on securing your cryptocurrency assets against theft and loss.

By the end of "The Bitcoin Blueprint," you will not only have a firm grasp of Bitcoin and its implications for the future of money, but you'll also be equipped with the skills and knowledge to use Bitcoin confidently and securely. Whether you're looking to invest, innovate, or simply educate yourself about this digital revolution, this course is your comprehensive guide to all things Bitcoin.

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Grasp the foundational concepts of Bitcoin, its beginnings, and the transformative principles it introduces to finance and technology.

Gaining an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin's technical operations, from initiating transactions to securing entries on the blockchain ledger. This includes what a bitcoin is as well as what mining (creating) a bitcoin consists of with examples. Secondary is equipping learners with the expertise to understand Bitcoin's complex mechanisms, enabling informed navigation and interaction with the Bitcoin network. Lastly, but very important for basic concepts is to understand Introductory bitcoin and blockchain definitions.

In Session 3, "Bitcoin Mining Explained," discover the integral role of miners, the process of securing the network, and the rewards driving this crucial activity. Delve into Proof of Work, witness the energy-intensive creation of new blocks, contrast it with the more efficient Proof of Stake, and analyze the collective force of mining pools. Understand how these elements maintain the blockchain's pulse and shape the network's landscape.

Bitcoin's economic landscape, its market behavior, and regulatory influence to understand the cryptocurrency's financial impact since its inception. By exploring these topics, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of how Bitcoin's economic aspects influence its trading environment and broader financial markets. They will also study case studies of halving events and regulatory decisions to predict future market movements.

We are diving into the transformative power of Blockchain and its powerful long-term impact on society, Bitcoin and Crypto. This course segment analyzes Blockchain and why it's important. What is it? Why use It? How Do We Use It? What are real world examples and applications of blockchain? By understanding the relationship between Blockchain and Bitcoin, learners will appreciate Blockchain's central role in shaping not only the Bitcoin and Crypto landscape, but also how it can truly transform the world. One important take-away is that the block chain is ideal for several real world applications. Primary reasons include it being un-alterable, immutable, and secure. It is also on track to be the foundation of government (such as fully securing the Voting and Election process). Blockchain actually has the potential to be even more impacting long-term than Bitcoin according to many experts, primarily because it has the ability to secure and streamline redundant and time-consuming steps in many typical people's lives - such as buying a home and voting in an election.

Block chain is the foundation of Bitcoin. To help you prepare for the Intermediate Course of Bitcoin and Blockchain, this overview gives required definitions for understanding Bitcoin. It also provides a technical snapshot of Bitcoin blockchain transactions, highlighting their structure, security features, and the role of opcodes in transaction validation and execution. BSV is also introduced, because many still consider it to be the "original" Bitcoin!


Getting Started:

  • No prior experience with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies is necessary.
  • A curiosity and interest in digital currencies and the future of finance.

Technical Needs:

  • A computer or smartphone with internet access.
  • Willingness to engage with course materials and participate in interactive sessions.


  • An open mind ready to explore a new paradigm of currency.
  • Commitment to learning and applying the knowledge in practical scenarios.
  • By the end of this free course, you'll grasp the fundamentals of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, ready to advance to the next level in our Intermediate Bitcoin Course!


        Dr. Sky is a distinguished figure in the field of Information Technology, holding a Ph.D. and boasting over two decades of profound experience in Cyber Security, Data Solutions, and IT Consultancy.

With an impressive array of globally recognized certifications, Dr. Sky's expertise has been sought after by a diverse range of organizations, including notable entities within government sectors, corporate industries, consumer markets, and philanthropic institutions.
In his extensive career, Dr. Sky has consistently demonstrated a commitment to advancing knowledge and providing innovative solutions in the realms of digital technology and cyber security.

He is also well known globally in the digital space, sharing his framed Bitcoin purchase receipt he made in 2010 for $4.80 USD from his first IT Contract in Tokyo, Japan.

His specialization in IT Research, Solution Development, and Consulting has positioned him as a certified Subject Matter Expert.

       Renowned for his high analytical approach and strategic insight, Dr. Sky brings to "The Great Discovery" a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering dedication to excellence. As an acclaimed Youtube Original Creator, he is passionate about creating the best Content possible here for The Great Discovery community! 

Dr. Sky and his team, led by Dr. Greg Sanders of the MAX Community, are poised to share their expertise and inspire a new generation of professionals in the ever-evolving landscape of Knowledge, Content, Information Technology and Cyber Security.

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The Bitcoin Blueprint: Introduction To Bitcoin & Blockchain
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