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Feel Calmer in Seconds by Reducing Your Stress

We all know the ripple effects of stress on our health! Learn how to reduce and release stress in seconds so that we can be empowered to stay in the pre-frontal cortex part of our rational brain to be able to make better decisions when not affected by the layers of fear behind the stress.
  • Last updated May 02, 2024
  • English (Canada)

What you'll learn

Learn to reduce your stress levels in seconds when you apply this easy, fun, and effective technique! 

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We all experience stress. That important part is to recognize it and to use Snap, SET, Go!® to help you reduce that stress before it impacts your mental and or physical health.


Enjoy applying the technique and reducing your stress in seconds.


I’ve faced many challenges in my life. 

With hindsight… Stress due to my emotions, feelings and thoughts played a huge part in my crash

in my teaching career. 

In 2017, I battled chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, major depression, and PTSD. 

In early 2019, I was told I would be on sick leave for the rest of her life. 

However, instead of giving up, I found answers and turned my struggles into a mission to help others. 

My passion is to help manage the daily stressors we face with easy-to-implement techniques. 

I’m on a mission to teach the Power of Self-regulation to raise your EQ: emotional quotient. 

I’ve created 2 proprietary techniques. Snap, SET, Go! The art of simple breath, awareness, and release which helps parents and educators release stress, and anxiety in seconds. 

I truly believe that self-regulating is essential for our overall health.


I'm finalizing  Snap Tap Zap for students. Where teachers press play and do the 2D animated technique with their students. 


Author of Dad’s Smile and coming soon a chapter in anthropology “Rising Above Abuse”.


Christine is a heart-centered Stress Management Coach. She is a certified EFT Master Practitioner, Tollerra Energy Mastery Systems, & Heart Coach with Conscious Parenting training and more! 

She’s the well-being chapter leader of a nonprofit called the HELPipedia, “It Takes a Community”,  bringing together experts to collaborate and offer amazing mental wellness resources for parents, children, organizations and communities who need them.  

Feel Calmer in Seconds by Reducing Your Stress
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