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Feel Fit At Any Age Course by Kristi Tornabene

1. People willing to learn about their best foods. 2. People willing to learn their "Zone" of eating. 3. People willing to learn portion sizes. 4. People willing to learn more with support and tests if they don't feel it in their body.
  • Last updated May 10, 2024
  • English

What you'll learn

  1. What your blood type is if you don't know.
  2. Which foods promote weight loss, and which foods cause weight gain
  3. Your "Zone" of eating
  4. Learn if you have any slow genes

+ anyone with excess weight due to hunger they feel need to feed.

+ anyone with digestive issues, diverticulosis, piles, or hard stools.

+ anyone with pain, find foods that increase inflammation and those that minimize pain.

+ anyone with energy loss, headaches, high blood pressure.

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Receiving and accepting the first key as the primary step to vibrant aging

Finding the nutrition you need in the foods you eat

Try adding some things to cut your cravings

Removing empty calories will help make better, easier choices

Learn Why We Need to Be Aware of the Complications of Our Choices

Tips and tricks of eating to help

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A willingness to listen to your body and willingness to take some non agressive tests.

Be willing to change as your aging body changes proactively when you feel pain or discomfort.

A willingness to not give up when the going gets tough


With a degree in Microbiology and Medical Technology from Colorado

State University, Kristi became a medical technologist to learn the hows

and whys of conditions, and not how to simply fix them with medication or

surgery. She was a medical technologist for 4 years in a lab setting before

taking some time off to raise her children. Kristi went back to the medical

world through pharmaceuticals and insurance, and while working in those

industries, Kristi began her website “ ”. What she learned while

researching conditions for that website convinced Kristi to take the plunge

into health coaching. Both as a course and individual coaching.

Kristi’s process recognizes that while bodies need the same vitamins,

investigating your blood type to help determine your best foods to get those

vitamins can remove triggers for hunger, and maintain your best weight,

thereby helping digestion and reducing pain. Kristi believes that everyone

can have awesome aging health!


Feel Fit At Any Age Course by Kristi Tornabene
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