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  • Success and Happiness through Values, Vision, and Gratitude

Success and Happiness through Values, Vision, and Gratitude

In just a few hours, you will better understand your values, create a compelling vision, and employ life changing gratitude to have more success and happiness in your life.
  • Last updated May 09, 2024
  • English

What you'll learn

In this course, you will learn:

  • The power of values, vision, and gratitude to create success and happiness.
  • Three easy but powerful exercises to go deeper to understand your values.
  • How knowing your values creates success.
  • Crafting a vision that will inspire everyone you meet.
  • Using your vision to make hard choices easy.
  • The power of gratitude to change how you perceive your life.

You will not just learn in this course, but you will change. You will be doing real inner work to become clear on your values, craft a more compelling vision, and deploy gratitude to access more resources and change how you perceive your present.

You will learn how to use Gratitude like a VR headset that makes everything in your life more exciting, more awesome, and more fun.

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Welcome to the course and how to make the most of this program.

Delve into the essential role of gratitude in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life, examining how appreciating what you currently have can enhance your journey towards your goals and improve overall well-being.

Congratulations on taking this journey into your values, vision, and gratitude!


An open mind and a desire for happiness and success.


Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows A Guy. The author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, Michael has run over 30 virtual summits and connected thousands of people through events, coaching, and direct connections.

He started his networking career by walking into a networking event in a new town with no job and no business, and going on to connect movers and shakers in town in months. Today, he hosts some of the most powerful networking events in online business. When he coaches his clients, the absolute first and most critical element is getting clear on goals.

Success and Happiness through Values, Vision, and Gratitude
$ 40.00 USD
CV: 18 QV: 40 SV: 26

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