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Start Poor Finish Rich

The Start Poor and Finish Rich Program has all the tools you need to accumulate wealth. To build your wealth empire. I strongly recommend it guys because it is changing people's lives. Click the link bellow if you want to learn more about it.
  • Last updated Jul 09, 2024
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What you'll learn

Did you know that you can become extremely wealthy even if you only have a couple of dollars in your pocket?

In this course, I’m going to share with you why that little-known fact is the key to making you successful and rich beyond your wildest dreams! And once you realize the key fact of building wealth and the science behind it…

You won’t have to worry about money anymore.

You will understand that everything you’ve thought about wealth and making money has been wrong. Richness has been given to you since birth, and you have the capability to build as much wealth as you desire.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you exactly…

How to finally bridge the gap between struggle and YOUR prosperity.

And once you bridge that gap, money worries will be a thing of the past, giving you a life of true freedom and an unshakable sense of security no matter what your situation looks like right now. What I’m going to share with you right now can work for ANYONE and doesn’t exclude a single person. And the best part is… Once you learn exactly how to start building wealth… Money will flow into your life effortlessly.

Some people might say “it sounds too good to be true” but what ends up becoming true in your life is what you believe. Wealth has never ceased to exist, and it won’t stop now. As corny as it may sound, wealth and abundance are born within us, and it’s up to us to make it happen.

At the end of the day, we deserve to live the life we want to live…

Which means you have a chance to rewrite your life story…just like I did. Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Christina Tasiou and I never thought I’d find myself in the position to write this letter to you. I was broke for just about my entire adult life. I remember the day I landed in London, England, all I had with me was my two young children, two luggages, and only two thousand pounds on me. No relatives or friends to support me. It was just me, my children and GOD.

If you’ve ever felt like you were on a financial hamster wheel, and with no one to give you a hand, you know what I’m talking about.

Feeling like you can never get ahead. Always working and having no time to catch a breath. Just keeping your head above water, nothing more.

And if you’re like me, tried anything and everything to get out of that life. I’ve done all kinds of work, baby-sitting, waitressing, retail. I even studied law (which didn’t do much for me.)

I used to work over nine hours daily, but it was not possible. Something always came up to keep me struggling. A car repair here… A dentist appointment there… You know how it goes. Always working and the money I made was just to keep my head above water. And no matter how exhausting, difficult and stressful it was, I kept on going. Sacrificing every spare moment I had, trying to build a better life for myself and my two daughters.

I remember one time, my daughter’s birthday was coming up and she wanted a scooter for a gift. BUT I HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE SCOOTER SHE WANTED OR PAYING THE BILLS... And the heat bill won. That day, it felt like my parenthood was snatched away from me. The pain of not being able to afford a birthday gift as a parent is so deep that you can never imagine or expect it to be so.

It makes you think what kind of parent can’t provide for his or her family? I can tell you at that moment I felt so weak and vulnerable at the same time. The thing is, I’d tried everything I could think of to pull myself up by the bootstraps. Three months later, it was right after New Years, I got a call from my mum saying that my uncle had passed away. He was young and died unexpectedly. He was my favourite uncle, I almost loved him more than my own dad. And the saddest thing was I didn’t have the money to go to Greece and say a last goodbye to my uncle. And it was right then and there I vowed to get myself out of the crummy financial situation that I was in. I could not live in that situation anymore. The only questions that came to my mind at that moment was…

“How can I manage my money better and how can I earn more?”

I was good at not spending. I was watching every single penny, but the job I was doing didn’t bring much to manage or save. And being a single mother was not easy at all… I had to provide shelter, food and everything a family needs. I also had to educate myself so I could do better in life. As I was thinking how to get out of this misery, I thought I should start saving little by little, although there was not much left to save. I couldn’t afford to be broke anymore. I started putting away $100 every week for emergencies and then I managed to live with the rest. As I started to earn a bit more, I would put more away and that was when my security and confidence started to build up.

That was the time when I created my Strategic Financial Plan.

And I started to share my strategic financial plan with my classmates at university who were always complaining about money. Every time I would walk into the classroom, I would listen to the students complaining about their financial situation. They all had different pain points… Some were fighting with their roommates and some with their landlords because they couldn’t pay the rent. Some were fighting with their partners and some couldn’t find girlfriends and the list goes on and on. As far as I understood, an interesting common denominator was MONEY. I remember after class taking a piece of paper and calculating their income, their spending and encouraging them to make more so they could afford to live on their own and not have to fight anymore.


Although I was good at managing my money and had some savings… I cannot say I was financially free. So, I decided to move to Canada for a better life… In Canada, I worked as a paralegal in the foreclosure department and one of my duties was doing the time-entry for the lawyer I was working for. Rob, the lawyer I was working for was making $600 per hour (at that time) whereas, I was making $25 per hour, doing a not so easy job. Every time I would do his time-entry I would think “what does Rob have more than I do to make all that money?” Right? I’m working so hard to make Rob rich?

On Christmas Eve, the law firm gathers together and once again, I was met with a discussion on money. I heard co-workers express how they couldn’t afford to own a car or buy a house. As we were talking, one of the law clerks, Sara, said to me “hey Christina, you drive a good car and you live on a good street, lucky you!” I smiled and said “oh Sara, it’s not how it looks. I live pay check to pay check, even though I try hard to manage my money, what we make is not enough.”

Sara kept asking how I managed to live good? I took my phone and started to do Sara’s income and spending calculations. It appeared that Sara was earning more than me and spending way more than I did.

As we’re discussing how Sara needed to take control of her money and find other opportunities to make more money.

One of the partners approached and said… “What the heck. You are a fantastic coach. You must charge Sarah for this.”

I’ve done this for a long time, Mike, and I’ve never charged anyone, but I might start now and I laughed. Not long after that night, it was March. I hit rock bottom when HR called me to the office saying that I should get my belongings and go home. I was accused (in fact, it was true) of motivating the employees to find better opportunities to make more money… I was quickly dismissed and told that I had a bad impact on the firm!

I got fired from my paralegal job because I was helping the co-workers do better in life!

Frustrated, I left the building, not knowing what to do, I decided to go for a drive. I stopped the car and I took a long walk by the lake. As I was crying and arguing with myself, one voice kept replaying in my head. “You are a great coach Christina!” “Is helping others the GIFT I was born with?”

I went home that night and I said to myself

Maybe I got fired for a reason…

The reason to realize who I am and what my potential is… God gave me the strength to face life around the world on my own! The strength to raise two wonderful kids on my own! God gave me the ability to share what I’ve learned with others so I can help them face life in difficult times!

Why am I not sharing my ability, my experience and my skills to help others?

From TODAY and on…

I’m NOT going to work for others anymore… I AM GOING TO USE MY GIFTS AND CHANGE PEOPLE'S LIVES. The question is… How am I going to make money right now? I went to sleep and the next morning I decided to check for the best coaches out there.

The name of Tony Robbins came up.

I wanted so much to do the training with Tony and Cloe Madanes. (Tony, one of the greatest coaches out there and Cloe one of the greatest therapists.) The problem here was, again, the money.

It was not cheap. I had to spend all my savings and borrow some more so I could call myself a Professional Life and Success Coach. I was still confused. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have a job. All the bills were coming up.

But the desire to become a professional coach was stronger than the money and the bills.

I had a vision of myself doing what I loved to do—helping others have financial freedom so they can live a great life. I had to decide to go after the vision and my desire, which meant touching my savings, or staying in the same situation. Working for others… struggling and suffering…

Well, as crazy as it might look, the vision of having a great career and life prevailed. I decided to spend all my savings, borrow some from my brother and decided to do the training with Tony and Cloe. Now, I spent everything, I even borrowed money… Where on earth am I going to find the money to pay my rent and the bills? I took my car and did Uber so I could start making money and pay the bills. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to do the job I love and live Financially FREE!” Makes sense right? Why would I suffer, struggle?

To make others rich? Not many people ask that question. And within a few years… I STARTED TO HELP PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE TO NOT JUST SURVIVE, BUT THRIVE IN LIFE. During those years I focused on updating my skills as a professional coach.

The Secrets of Wealth

My main focus and biggest curiosity was… How have these multimillionaires accumulated so much wealth? Working hard? Or is there another secret behind it? After searching, reading, buying course after course…. I discovered that there is a secret behind every richness… The secret that Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, and many other wealthy people have followed… They call it “The Science Of Getting Rich!”

I decided to follow all the steps that are behind the “getting rich science.” I started to first train my brain for success… Then I followed a specific way “to get to the top of the hill” and accumulate wealth. Applied the right principles “to climb the steps for success.” And once you get to the “top of that hill” you’re in a different world. The world of abundance! And from that moment I have helped thousands of people around the planet to learn the SKILL of getting rich…

Mastering Universal Human Needs

Another very profound skill I learned from Tony Robbins was The Six Universal Human Needs. The Universal Human Needs are one of the KEYS that makes people live a happy life. Understanding your needs will help you… Succeed in your career. Succeed in your relationship with your partner and others. Succeed with your health.

And that helped me help others to not only build wealth, but also have great relationships and live a happy life. Today, my purpose is to take all my lessons… My research that I have done over the years… My methods, techniques and proven strategies that I and all the wealthy people have used… And show you exactly how you too… Can get out of that financial hamster wheel and create the life of your dreams… And for that I created a Master Piece… AN AFFORDABLE ONLINE COURSE THAT EVERYONE FROM EVERY WALK OF LIFE CAN ACCESS AND CHANGE THEIR LIFE.

The SPFR Program: Real Results

I created the SPFR program, but first, we had to make sure that the Program was in fact changing people’s lives. We knew we wanted to share this life-changing info, but with who? The first person we told about it was my daughter’s friend, Olga. She just finished her beauty nurse college and was struggling financially. Within weeks of listening to the program, she started earning over $8K monthly. Now she owns a beauty salon.

Lorents, who was struggling financially after being laid off from his electric company. And within a matter of months, he walked into a business partnership owning his OWN electric company. Now he’s making in one month what he was making in one year!

Lidia, a single mother, who went bankrupt and the bank wanted to take her house. Within three months she started to earn over $10K per month.

John, from living in somebody else’s basement… To owning three houses within 5 years.

And one by one, we started to help hundreds of people. And one by one, their lives were transformed virtually within a few weeks of listening to the program. Next thing we knew, our SPFR Program was changing people’s lives. Just like I would’ve deeply hoped, it’s changing people’s lives. And eventually, we knew… we had to share this with the world.

The Start Poor Finish Rich Program: Your Path to Wealth

It’s the only audio program that has been proven to help you build WEALTH. It includes everything you need to Finish Rich. And the best part is that it does so effortlessly! There’s literally nothing else like it.

While everyone else is out chasing money, talking about hustling and grinding 12 to 16 hours a day, you can get your hands on Start Poor Finish Rich and start making money today.

Unlocking Wealth with Brain Training Wealth Activation

I have included the Brain Training Wealth Activation, all the tactics, lessons, and principles that I use to help my clients who pay me upwards of $1000 an hour. You can start and change your life today by harnessing the power of the most brilliant (and well-funded) tactics and strategies. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE MONEY AND BUILD REAL WEALTH IS IN THE START POOR FINISH RICH PROGRAM.

It shows you the exact way to make money! It took me and my team eight months of hard work to create this program to help you get off that financial hamster wheel.

Overcoming Financial Struggles

I know how difficult it is to work your life away for an ungrateful boss because you’ve got bills to pay. And I know how it’s practically impossible to get ahead, no matter how hard you work anyway. Something always comes up that keeps you broke. So that you are just barely keeping your head above water at any given moment. But now you don’t need to financially suffer anymore. You can join the thousands of other people who used the Start Poor Finish Rich to completely transform their lives. Like Antonio, Lorents, Courage, Lidia, John, Barbara, Athina, and many others.

The Power of the Right Mindset

I have to be honest with you, having the right mindset is everything. When I first listened to the brain training audios, you know that feeling when you’re floating on air? That’s how I felt. I was told to listen to each audio for several days. I listened to one frequency for a few days, and then the other. I played the audio track every morning on my walk for almost a week straight. And… well… Nothing happened. I guess I just wanted to believe this was real. And at one point, I started to get super frustrated when it hit me. What am I doing? Who am I?

The fear of not being good enough, or the doubts about whether I will be able to achieve that big goal, started to disappear. Opportunities were all around me, but somehow I never saw them before. And that’s what happens. The mind expands and you start to see things from an angle you hadn’t before. All my students have a similar experience. Anyone who has worked with their mindset will at one point experience this. The perspective shifts. New opportunities will come your way from expected and unexpected ways. And it will almost feel like a higher power is sending you amazing opportunities. The sound vibrations from music are able to change your gene expressions. In other words, you can harness the power of sound to activate your brain for success.

What’s funny is it took scientists billions of dollars to prove that we can activate our mental and spiritual DNA through the power of words and the sound of frequencies. The frequencies have a science behind it that I won’t go into detail about here, but it is quite outstanding stuff.

Real Stories of Success

Lorents, my friend, was struggling financially after he was laid off from his electrician job. Now he’s making in one month what he was making in one year when he was just an employee. The frequencies of the audios, the instructions that we give in the program helped him get there. It helped his mind and perspective be in a place where he was able to execute his success.

Debt Clearance and Wealth Building

The main goal of the debt clearance program is to get you out of debt, help you start saving, and then start investing. I’m giving you tons of creative ideas to help you be creative and start making money immediately. Your Wealth flourishes because you find new ideas on how to make money and build wealth. Becoming Rich is a step-by-step process and all the steps are explained in this program. That’s how RICHNESS is created.

Courage and hundreds of others have changed their lives by following our steps in the Start Poor Finish Rich program.

Managing Money for Financial Freedom

Remember when I mentioned above how the law clerks and paralegals at the law firm were broke and they thought I was well off financially? Well, actually, they made more money than I did because they had more than twenty years working for the firm. The difference of me being better off financially, even though I made less than they did, was that I was good at managing my money.

I have shared all the steps in the debt clearance part. Where was I just a few months back and where am I right now? Because, there will be NO debts anymore. You’ll have savings and a plan to start investing. And that’s how you get out of poverty and start your journey to prosperity. You work for it and you build yourself up for it.

Revealing the Secrets of Success

Here we’re revealing the truth behind my success and the success of others. It is the only online program out there that shows you a step-by-step process to help you accumulate massive abundance. As I mentioned to you, I’ve been scammed with many online programs. Yes, you have to believe it. You have to trust the universe that there is abundance everywhere around you, BUT you must take the right action and put in the work for things to happen.

Again and again, the Universe will not throw money at us, unless we make ourselves open to the possibility, and are prepared to work for it.

The Steps to Success

Now you might ask how I got scammed? Well, some of them have millions of followers on social media, some hundreds of thousands, and so I thought those followers are following for a reason. And I was looking for a quick fix. No one likes the hard job. You will find all the steps I went through in my life to get to where I am today. I had to go through all these steps to be where I am today. The steps that I, like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefellers and many others have followed. Those who have achieved success in life… Although not one success story is the same as the other…

In the PlayBook or “The Magic Book” the KEY secret to prosperity is given to you. You’ll find the “Magic Exceptional Life Blueprint” that I and other achievers have used to create wealth and happiness. It is designed for you to implement all the information in the program. The Action steps you need to take that will really make the difference. And within a matter of months you walk in a different path of your life. The path of Growth. The path of prosperity.

Understanding Universal Human Needs

The actions we take every day will eventually take us to where we want to be in life. The key to a fulfilled life is understanding your needs and the needs of others. I see people suffering every day. And the #1 reason for it is not having their Universal Human Needs met. Especially when it comes to happiness and relationships. For example, if you are not happy with something, there is a need that you’re not meeting. And that could be the need for growth. You learn here exactly what need you may be missing and how to meet that need.

Managing Time and Eliminating Procrastination

When it comes to relationships, why do we fight with our partners all the time? Because neither of us meet our needs. Have you ever had the feeling that something was off? Everything might look ideal on paper – life ‘should’ be great. Yet, you feel sluggish, heavy, overwhelmed! It’s so easy to get lost and move in the wrong direction. Especially if you’re being guided by external things like social media, modeling others, or what you believe other people want!

Well, I have some good news… Thankfully, there are internal guides that you can use to check in with where you are at and what direction you are going in, whenever you like.

Why do most people procrastinate in life? Most of the times it’s because they don’t manage their time. How many times do you say to yourself “I don’t have time.” I used to say that every day, until I created a time management plan. It helped me accomplish my daily goals and eliminate procrastination. So I decided to share my time management with you… To help you eliminate procrastination and achieve your Goals faster and easier than ever before. Once you know how to manage your time, life becomes easier, less stressful, and more joyful.

Million Dollar Ideas

This is HUGE, guys… No one out there shares with you how they help their clients make big money in a short time. Do you know why they don’t share it? Because this part itself costs THOUSANDS of dollars. This is called a MILLION DOLLAR IDEA! Who on earth doesn’t want to have an idea on how to make up to $10K a month in less than 90 days… Everyone wants to make that quick cash. Especially if you’re struggling financially right now. I share with you THREE potential cases I’ve helped to make money in a relatively short time. We share examples of how we helped previous clients and share their success story. Take advantage of the Million Dollar Ideas and Start Making Money Today. You are free to use inspiration from each and every case. You can do the same and start Make Money Today.

easy. Now once you sign up for the SPFR program, I will explain to you step-by-step how to exactly use the program and the actions you need to take. And once you follow all the steps in the program, you’ll start to see massive changes within yourself. The way you think about life. The way you think about your future. The decisions you make. The actions you take.

My team and I worked for eight months to put together everything you need to start your journey. It was important for me to make this very affordable for most folks who want to finally FINISH RICH. Although, it cost us thousands and thousands of dollars to put everything together, we’re not going to charge how much we spent. Not even the 8 months of my hard work. And charging a hefty fee like that would eliminate most of the folks I want to help.

Affordable Investment in Your Future

Look, I remember struggling just to make ends meet and I don’t wish that for anyone. I believe everyone should be able to have financial freedom so that no human being has to struggle just to get by. Which is why I’m not going to ask you to pay a bunch of money just to get the Start Poor Finish Rich.

In fact, numerous people have told me that I should charge upwards of $10,000 for this life-changing program. But my mission is to get it out there and help as many as I can. So I won’t ask you to invest anywhere near $10,000 dollars today. I wouldn’t even ask you to pay half that. All I ask is that you cover the expenses it takes to create these tracks and run this website.

Now, I know that probably seems a little hard to believe. That you could really get this life-changing program for just “a pair of nice shoes.” But remember what my goal is here: to get this out to as many people as I can. So, yes, this is 100% real.

All you have to do is click the button below.

Once you hit the “I WANT TO FINISH RICH” button, you’ll be taken to our 100% safe and secure checkout page where you’ll enter your order information. And as soon as you hit “submit,” you will have lifetime access to the whole Start Poor Finish Rich Program. Which means you and your family can start the program immediately. And you don’t have to wait for a physical package to be mailed to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get instant access to the program? Yes! You get INSTANT online access as soon as you sign up. Start Poor Finish Rich is fully digital. You can start training your brain for success and start making money and achieve your financial goals with ease.

What is the big, bold promise of the Start Poor Finish Rich? Start Poor Finish Rich will show you exactly how to “flip on your brain’s success switch” so you start making money and have financial freedom… guaranteed.

Will this work for me? Yes! This formula has worked for over hundreds of our clients from around the globe and every walk of life. And it has worked for me (generating millions in income AND millions in sales for my company). If you follow the proven frameworks and science-based tools and strategies in the programs and bonuses, this will 100% work for you.

What if for any reason I don’t like the Start Poor Finish Rich? Email us during your first 30 days from the date of purchase and say this, “I don’t like it.” If you don’t get the results you want during that time, I will pay you 100% of your money back. Please note: We have hundreds of 5-star reviews and the lowest refund rate around so we are very confident you will get the results you want.

I’ve already tried a bunch of stuff -- How is Start Poor Finish Rich different? Our methods are based on proven facts, over decades of results, and backed by over hundreds of unique members’ success stories. Because when you apply our proven method, a number of fantastic things happen:

  • You find ways to make money faster and easier than ever before
  • You have financial FREEDOM
  • You learn the “science behind wealth secrets” I and many other millionaires have used to go from being broke to earning MILLIONS of dollars in 1 year
  • You take control of your emotions and use fear as fuel for success (this is huge)
  • You discover the key to create certainty and financial freedom (even in uncertain times)

Christina, did you really create your dream life and success with these techniques? Yes, I did. And I will show you exactly how you can use the brain training techniques and proven success secrets inside these programs & bonuses to attract your dream life and success faster and easier than ever before.

What are my payment options? Getting started is easier than ever with our convenient payment options! Simply choose from our secured payment of $497 using PayPal or Credit Card. There is virtually NO reason you cannot make this work for you.

Taking Action for a Better Life

Get up in the morning, pop a pair of headphones in your ears, press “PLAY” on your phone and go for a walk. It’s really that simple. 

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